The sunflower is a non commercial project consent with the promotion of awareness of the risks of breast and cervical cancer

Our aim is to promote and ensure that interested women to find information regarding the issue and act for their own health benefits

The articles that appear on this website have been collected from various websites and sources with the sole purpose of having a pool of interesting subjects and answer faq regarding breast and cervical cancer prevention. The appearing articles have been selected as well written and containing valuable and recent scientific context.

We quote every single source for all articles presented in our website. We do not claim ownership to any of these articles. We have no commercial gain in the republication of these articles. We have done so in good faith and for the benefit of all women

The sunflower project is an innovative non profit double way SMS reminder system for breast and cervical cancer screening tests ie performing mammography and cervical smear test. The second important aim of the sunflower is to promote awareness and knowledge regarding the issue

The copywrite owners of the articles have all the right to contact us and ask for modifications or deletion of the respective articles. Also they can ask for more of their articles to appear in the sunflower website.