The Sunflower began in 2004 when Gina had visited her physician Dr. Tano (Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology and gynecologic oncologist) and said that she and her friend Louize wanted to organize a campaign for the prevention of breast cancer.
In addition, they were ready to promote their of attracting public attention to this issue thought to break the Guinness World Record held by Singapore to creating the largest chain of bras today.
They understood that this effort would naturally start and end their questioning and their thoughts aimed that could seizing this opportunity to continue to educate public awareness of prevention against cancer.
This was the question posed to a physician. Professor Tanos already explored the possibilities of technology and developments in the field of prevention of cervical cancer and had made a proposal for the implementation of the Cancer Association Litmus Cyprus in 2003 but this link was rejected.
So the proposal was ready Litmus and Gina and Louize gladly endorsed and supported both the name and the program for the first global "automatic SMS reminder service prevention and early detection of cancer," the Sunflower.
The aim is regular screening of breast and cervical hoping to further myosi mortality and morbidity from these diseases.

In this context, the information campaign designed against breast cancer with too many events in communities, in schools, women's organizations, etc., climaxing on April 30, 2006, we held the harbor of Paphos, with the support of the Association of Cancer Patients and Friends Paphos CYTA far the largest chain of bras attracting the attention of the whole of Cyprus for preventive measures against cancer in general and mammography for breast cancer.

Events and Activities

Various events took place in order to inform people about the bra chain and breast cancer awairness

Mrs Papadopoulou Fotene the First Lady accepted the organizers at the Presidential Palace. She listened vary carefully the aims of this effort and wished the best of success.

The Sunflower team informs the media and presents the plan of action

Bra Chain official event 30.04.2006

Gala Dinner 2007

Gala Dinner 2008

Gala Dinner 2009

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