Human papillomavirius (HPV) types assessed by the IARC - Monograph Working Group May 2009


Group HPV types Comments

Alpha HPV types
1 16 Most potent HPV type, causes cancer at several sites.
1 18,31,33,35,39,45,51,52,56,58,59 Sufficient evidence for cervical cancer.
2A 68 Limited evidence in humans can cause cervical cancer

2B 26,53,66,67,70,73,82 Limited evidence in humans for cervical cancer
2B 30,34,69,85,97 Classified by phylogenetic analogy to HPV types with
sufficient or limited evidence in humans
3 6, 11 Cause condylomata on the skin and vulva

Beta HPV types

2B 5 and 8 Limited evidence for skin cancer in patients with
epidermodyplasia verruciformis

3 other beta and gamma types